Stage Prop Line In Front Of Chinas Moon Rover In New Photos! Jan 2019, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: January 14, 2019
Location of discovery: Dark side of moon, China rover
Source URL: http://www.cnsa.gov.cn/n6758823/n6758842/c6805147/content.html

Wow! I just took a look at this amazing panoramic photo of Chinas after they landed the rover on the dark side of the moon...and what did I find? I instantly noticed a stage prop line for placement of the rover in the photo! Thats right, someone mistakenly placed a line in front of the rover and forgot to erase it. Or they should have made the line much smaller. This screams staged event all together. 

This is very disappointing, but I guess China may have decided since NASA faked the first Apollo moon landing and got away with it, then China wanted in on it too. 

Sure I could be wrong, but if you look at the original photo you will   see that there are no other lines in the entire giant panoramic photo. OMG, this is so very disappointing. Notice the lack of moon rocks on the entire surface of the moon...which is exactly what the first Apollo moon landing also showed...a sign of being faked on a stage. I sure hope that I'm proven wrong on this one. This is not what I wanted to find in this photo. 

Scott C. Waring