👽 Two UFOs Buzz Past Chinese Space Station During Undocking On Live Cam! April 2019, UFO Sighting News.👽

Date of discovery: April 2019 👽
Location of discovery: Earths orbit at Tiangong docking

Two UFOs shot past the Chinese module when it was docking at the Shenzhou space station. The Tiangong module is 3.35 meters wide. Using that measurement and comparing in the photo to the UFO, I come up with a UFO size of .33 meters or one foot across. That is a huge object to be near the module as its departing the space station. And the fact that there are two of them is absolutely amazing. The small UFOs were traveling in the same direction so they were probably together keeping watch over the Chinese and their activities in space. These are alien controlled drones. They appear whitish far away, but close up more transparent and opal color when a 2 meters away or closer. 

If you remember, the shuttle Atlantis back in 2006 had a dozen similar UFOs surrounding it on world news. Back then NASA was so worried that they told the news and said the shuttle coming back to earth will be delayed for a while until the unknown objects are gone. A day later they left. (video of event at bottom of this post.)
Scott C. Waring