Alien Base Entrance Found Below Ocean On Google Earth Map, July 2016 But Deleted By Google, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: July 2016, but deleted 
Location of discovery: 22°40’21.01”N 118° 20’06.50”W

This underwater base entrance no longer exists, deleted by Google to help hide the alien activity on Earth. They often delete evidence, for instance the Cape of Good Hope UFO in South Africa I found and a few months later it was gone. This video still stands as proof that There are huge doorways under the ocean that allow UFOs to travel to underground bases. This doorway may be several miles across!

Water covers 75% of the Earths surface, and UFOs are air tight enough to travel in space, therefore it stands to reason that UFOs could also travel underwater and make building bases below the ocean floor a simple task. 
Scott C. Waring