Tornado Waterspout Off Italy Stopped By Huge UFO On Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: July 2019
Location of sighting: Italy

This UFO was seen flying over a water spout tornado on camera. The UFO is seen flying though the top part of the tornado which is seen by me as an attempt to kill the waterspout before it grows out of control and harms someone. There is a known alien base from a contact event called the Friendship Case at Rocca Pia, Italy. They said this base is so huge that it reaches out into the ocean area all the way from Rocca Pia. Its so huge that it has its own weather system. But the W56 (56 species living there) have a leader that would not allow anyone or anything to come to harm if he could help it. Here is proof of his words. Stoping this waterspout before it killed the people on boats, the beach or town nearby. Awesome display of caring by the W56. 
Scott C. Waring