China Using Weather Control Sending Typhoons Toward Japan! UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Sept 4, 5, 6, 2019
Location of discovery: North of Nigde, China

I was using a weather map radar and noticed some peculiar beams shooing from China and hitting the eye of the Typhoon heading towards us in Taiwan. That blue dot, thats me. The last seven typhoons that have come at us head on have all stopped abruptly just as it hits our shores...then either dies or changes direction. Typhoons so powerful that the movement usually declares a no work day, but then its a sunny day and they feel angry about it. Now HAARP or weather modifications often use lasers that shoot out microwaves...yes you heard me right. The kind thats deadly to most living creatures...and yet its used anyways. Here in this video I show the typhoon being hit in the eye with several beams from china. There has never been more proof of weather modification ever than this. This is 100% proof weather modification is being used...but is it to steer typhoons or does it actually create the typhoons? It probably can do both. 
Scott C. Waring