UFO Fleet Caught By NASA Live Space Station Cam! Undeniable Proof Of Aliens! Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 18, 2020
Location of sighing: ISS, space station
Source: NASA Live ISS Cam

A few days ago a fleet of glowing UFOs was seen on the live NASA space station cam. The UFOs were pulsing and throwing as they moved forward...each a different speeds. Some fast and some slow, but they were all going in the same direction. Very strange. No satellites would ever do that or they would collide. Also satellites do not pules as they move. This is absolutely monumental raw footage that cannot be denied. What we have here is a UFO fleet...an armada of ships trading below the space station caught on live cam. You can see them actually passing past earth, uninterested in it. Clearly aliens are no threat in any way. 

The fact that this footage came directly from a gov NASA live cam is proof in itself that the footage is 100% real. Cams don't lie, they only record. 
Scott C. Waring