Let's Talk Apollo 20 Mission, William Rutledge And Delporte Crater Cigar Ship, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: 2009-2011 for me but William 1970s
Location of discovery: Delporte Crater, Earths moon

I was asked by a Youtube subscriber to think about the Apollo 20 and possibly make a video about it. So I did. It was a long time ago when I chatted with William Rutledge the astronaut that was part of the crew of the Apollo 20 mission. He was about 77 years old, living in Rewanda because he met a beautiful black woman and married here, but she died before him so he stayed in Rewanda as far as I know. When we chatted he kept saying that it may be dangerous posting his videos on YouTube...and he was right. His account was hacked and he got frightened...what 77 year old wouldn't right? Anyways he told me that the woman pilot they recoved from the long cigar ship in Delporte crater was taken back to the module, cleaned up and taken back to a military base on Earth. He said she is not dead, not alive...but in a coma or hibernation state even today. He said there were glass tunnels as big as his arm running up and down the sides of the cigar ship and inside they saw many tiny skeletons of a 2-3cm tall bipedal species. Hundreds he said. But the walkways were mainly made for taller species like humans. The woman pilot was connected to the ship when they found her, two hoses going from the controls into her nostrils...they cut those and took her away. They also saw some yellow rocks that seemed to make a liquid substance dripping slowly from them. He said like a living rock. He also mentioned that they found an even bigger triangle craft near the cigar ship. It had an opening in its outer hull as if someone had already broken into it to search for salvageable technology. Sadly, I have never heard from him or about him since 10-12 years ago. I think he put his best effort forward to get the evidence out and said the hell with it. He did say he got the movie reels from garbage bins near an airfield hanger. Him and another guy asked the security guard there if they could take some...the security guard didn't care, it was all going to be burned. So they took them, William had a few converted from reels to normal video so he could post them on Youtube. Thats it...many people lie and say its been debunked...but they never chatted with him like I did, they never even knew him when he was on Youtube back then. They judge without knowing the full truth. Apollo 20 was 100% real. It was a mission to recover alien technology in order to bring it home and keep American a world power. It worked. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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