Winged Space Craft Shoots Past Sun At Partial Light Speed! Nov 2020, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: Nov 5, 2020
Location of sighting: Earths sun
Source: Helioviewer.org

I found an interesting spacecraft shooting past our suns last night. The UFO has a very long wing...several miles long! Its leaving a trail behind it, which I believe to be a false trail to make it appear as a meteor or comet. But this object was seen on only one frame of the helioviewer video so this was going so fast that it disappeared in just under a minute. That means it was going partial light speed...maybe 10% light speed. This object was really big and moving fast...at speeds no meteors or comets could attain. This is 100% proof that giant alien spaceships travel through our solar system often and NASA choses to not inform the public about them. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

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