Pilot Captures Foo Fighter Near His Plane Over Karachi, Pakistan 1-23-2021, UFO Sighting News.


Above screenshot has a pakistan png plane added to give you an idea of what he was flying. 

Date of sighting: 1-23-2021
Location of sighting: Over Ocean area near Karachi, Pakistan
Source: MUFON, reported today.

Wow, just wow! Guys this is 100% an actual foo fighter. The legendary WWII orbs that would ride along side the planes and follow them over the ocean. This sighting took place along the coast near the city of Karachi, Pakistan. Look carefully at the screenshot above. Do you notice it has a metal ring around it and a brilliant white light coming from its center? That is the most focused Foo fighter photo in the history of UFO research! Absolute proof aliens are still following planes and keeping an eye on humanities activities. Best freaking sighting in several months.  
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: 
We were flying at 35000 feet.Operating Captain was just in the process of sitting down on his seat and the aircraft started to turn on the route which enabled him to see this brilliant white round object above and to the right of the aircraft.It could either have been hovering or moving slowly (difficult to tell due relative motion).Cell phone cameras were put in action fat to capture the object.After landing was found out that it had been seen/filmed in different areas as well.


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