Purple spheres recorded over North Carolina On Dec 11, 2020, photos, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: December 11, 2020 05:07pm
Location of sighitng: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Source: MUFON 113664
Eyewitness recorded several purple orbs flying past the plane window by accident. The UFOs are all separate, but flying in a pattern as if they work together as one. I don't think this is a lens flare or light reflection off the window. Though my years of reporting UFOs, the one most common time UFOs are seen is during sunset, probably because more people looking at the sky at that time to see the sunset itself. But I also think the suns rays at a low point can actually shine up from below the UFO illumination it, even if its cloaked, so some UFOs are visible for a few seconds to a few minutes during sunset. That is what happened here.
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan

Eyewitness states: I was flying out of Charlotte, N.C. on Dec 11, 2020, @ 5:07 pm from a business trip. We had been in the air for a few mins, and I noticed a beautiful sunset over the city, so I decided to take pictures of it. I was looking at the city below, and just snapped off a few pictures zooming in and out to get a better shot of the city and sunset together. I wasn't really paying attention to anything but getting both the sunset and city in the picture, I guess. It wasn't till now (Feb 11th, 2021), while going through my pictures looking for something else I came across the photos of the odd objects in a few pictures I had taken. I noticed faint purple-colored crescent moons in one of the pictures. I figured it was just lens flare or something else, no big deal. As I continued to look through the other photos, I could see the color and objects change place and were becoming more solid. There appeared to be light patterns forming around the middle of the circular objects that had now morphed into 3 separate circles- 1 big and 2 small. From the first photo, they had gone from pale in color, almost like half-moon looking, to the last picture, where they were very solid, bright purple color. I also noticed there was something reflecting the glow above and below all 3 objects, but I can't make out what they were. I am not saying these are UFO's, frankly, I don't know what they are. But, I felt it was worth sending in for you to review what is in the pictures. I have had a few people look at them to get their opinion, and they are baffled as I am. I didn't use a flash to take the pictures, there wasn't any type of purple lights coming off the plane, and I didn't really notice them when I was taking the pictures. As you will be able to tell, when I zoomed in, you couldn't see the objects, it's only when I was zoomed out, were visible. That leads to the conclusion they were above a certain vantage point, and it wasn't a reflection from the camera, otherwise, it would have been noted in the other photos. Even in the first photo, it looks like they were closer to the plane wing, and in other photos either we had moved away from them, or vice versa. But it's obvious there was a change in location, distance, shape, transparency, brightness, and the # of objects. It was like the smaller one had morphed into 2 at one point. I am including all the photos I took at that time, just to show the difference in placement of the objects in conjunction with the plane. Please let me know what these things are. It would be appreciated!

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