UFOs Falling At Denver, Colorado, USA, 1-31-2021, UFO Sighting News.


Date of sighting: January 31, 2021
Location of sighting: Denver, Colorado, USA
Source: MUFON

Two UFO reports just came in, both coming from Denver today. The two different eyewitnesses spotted three falling white objects in the sky. The objects appear to be disks. When I made a close up screenshot of the falling objects...they all look like round disks. Now NASA has not reported any space debris falling over Denver, nor have they reported anything falling from space this week. If two different reports came in about this, since each report represents about 500 people eyewitnesses. Thats means at least 1,000 people saw this maybe much more. Not everyone records what they see during a sighting...its actually a very few, and even fewer will report them to UFO sites...often instead posting them to Twitter, Facebook and other social sites where they get lost and eventually forgotten. 

Absolute proof that there are aliens in the Denver mountain regions, 100% proof that a alien base sits below this mountain range in that area...but...I have been saying that info for a decade. 
Scott C. Waring 

1st eyewitness states: I was having my morning coffee, I generally look out my window while I'm doing that. I looked up and I asked my friend if they could see that weird smoke trails. The trails were long at first and you could see that there was a Direction Change in the upper atmosphere. As it got lower to the ground, I would say within 1,500 feet, they slowly started changing directions and started heading East toward Buckley Air Force Base. There was no sound, no odor no strange electromagnetic sensations. These objects did not appear to be in a hurry and they maintained a straight heading. Had I not looked at them directly, I probably would have imagined them to be a chemtrail coming from an aircraft. However all three of these maintained a perfect formation until they're out of sight. 

2nd eyewitness states: I observed 3 large white objects traveling at a high rate of speed. They maintained their formation and had long tails. The best description is that they looked like cloud tear-drops. 10:45 in the morning and no clouds in the sky- and I observed these very large objects appear to "fall" then move east at a high rate of speed. They maintained their brightness and formation unitl I lost sight of them due to trees and buildings.

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