UFO In "Madonna and Child" Painting, 1400s, Video, UFO Sighting News.


Date of painting: 1480-1515 (exact unknown)
Artist of painting: Domenico Ghirlandaio, Filippino Lippi, Sebastiano Mainardi and to Jacopo del Sellaio (artist unknown)

Hey, in this old painting there is a UFO with brilliant shiny light emanating from it. At first I thought it was a mistake, mold growing, a stain,  a mistake of some sort. But as I looked closer I realized it was purposely made. What makes me think that? Well, first off the object has golden beams of light shooting from it. Also it has a domed lower bottom area and two antenna sticking from its top. To top it off, there is a man and his dog in the painting, staring up at the UFO in the sky. 

I do believe in god and I subscribe to all religions. But I can see that the artist saw not only a similarity but a link between Jesus and aliens. By putting Jesuses mother in the painting its a direct link to Jesus himself and they are being watched and protected by a UFO in the distance. I think there is a fine line between religion and aliens. What I mean is...when a alien species evolves high enough...they will have angelic-like powers and abilities...and the fine line is then gone. Earth is only 4.3 billion years old, but astronomers say the universe is 13.5 billion years old. So there are many species out there that had 9 billion years of evolution ahead of us. I call those species ascended species...species that have survived and evolved beyond the materialistic body to become pure energy and thus take any form they want, traveling without a spaceship, basically...performing miracles in our eyes. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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