7 UFOs Over Palm Beach, Florida, Google Earth Map, UFO Sighting News.


Date of event: December 2002
Location of sighting: Palm Beach, Florida, USA

Now I promised last year that when I get to 50k subscribers on Youtube than I would release something special to me. Something I have been holding back for 19 years. I discovered these seven UFOs many years ago, but decided to archive screenshots, locations and videos of them in case they were deleted. It was 3 years before the invention of Youtube. A few months later the UFOs disappeared from google map. Little did I realize then that in the future Google would place a time button on the map, allowing us to go back and find these objects again. So...here I am...making good with my promise to the public. A man is only as good as his word. 

I have said many times over the years that Florida has an alien base that runs from the ocean to under parts of Florida itself. This video of these 7 UFOs are 100% proof of that. I mean two of the UFOs are actually materializing through the ground and have shadows on the from the trees nearby. The UFOs are each 60 meters across and all the same shape, but a few are tilted. All have a myst fuzziness around them, due to the propulsion systems. Most UFO reports from eyewitnesses state that they see a myst or fuzziness around the UFOs. This concurs with those reports. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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