Some Archeological Finds On Mars, Feb 19, 2020, UFO Sighting News.


Date of discovery: Feb 19, 2022
Location of discovery: Mars

Went through a Mars photo a few minutes ago and found some ancient alien artifacts that are 100% proof of intelligent life. However they are very old and erosion took its toll, but they are still there, still existing, still sitting in the last place they were left. As if time stood still. So I found a small broken structure with an orange liquid on its top...that looks like its organic living matter. I also found a face laying on its side. I found a musical instrument that even has the three tuning pegs on each side (six total) for strings, long neck and a body...making it similar to a guitar. Its clearly a hollow body at the bottom of the instrument.

I guess you might ask...what would NASA say about this? Well, you see, thats the thing. NASA can't say anything. If they do acknowledge that ancient artifacts or even life is on Mars, they will be called lier...for hiding it for so long. NASA...a US gov organization could not continue to exist if everyone accused them of lying to he public for the last 50 years. The entire credibility of NASA would be at stake...and lost instantly. Thats why when Turkey said there was water on the moon, NASA came out a few weeks laters and tried to take credit for it. I bet you money, no one out there remembers that! When Russia said they found plankton living in space on the solar panels of the space station...NASA tried to say they were not from space, but from Earths ocean. The lies pile up, day by day, NASA lies grow...and a reckoning will come! Enough is enough! 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 

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