Watching Ukraine...to see what will happen to us in Taiwan. Keeping fingers crossed.

 Hey all, as you know Ukraine is being attacked by Russia. If no country like the US tries to stop Putin, then the free world will soon be falling. You  see, Russia has few fears of monetary punishments. And if China sees that there is no military action taken to push Russian troops out of Ukraine, then China will attempt to do the same with Taiwan. Thats where I live and work. So...China is watching and waiting...for 24-48 hours there is a window of opportunity that China may take to attack Taiwan. That started three hours ago when Russia crossed into Ukraine. So...let's hope some president out there will lead an assault against Russia. If not...Taiwan will be next, Tibet and India and so on will fall like dominos. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. China will invade taiwan, they use russia as an example. Get out before its to late. The dictatorship will catch you and all ypur rights will ve taken away.

  2. Stupid idiot. You have no idea about Putin and Ukraine. They believe all the mendacious talk from the west. Who has military bases all over the world? Putin or USA? Who is at war in the whole world? Putin or USA? Who destroyed Yugoslavia? Who destroyed Iran. Who destroyed Syria. Who thinks he can do whatever he wants anywhere in the world? This is the USA and not Russia. How many countries and islands are there in the world that have been occupied by England and France and the USA and how many have been occupied by Russia? Shut up if you have no idea.

  3. Today, our Motherland Ukraine is at a turning point and its future depends on each of us! Eight years ago, after the bloody coup of 2014, cynical politicians seized power.

    Their goal was never the well-being and peace in our country, they only wanted one thing - to enrich themselves and plunder our people.

    Their anti-grassroots policies have plunged the vast majority of the Ukrainian population into abject poverty. And so that no one dares to stop them, they launched a war in Donbass and real terror across the country, killing, intimidating and expelling from the country all those who did not agree with this state of affairs! the military operation of Russia and the Donbass republics is not directed against the Ukrainian people, but aims at the denazification of this government! But the criminals, under the guise of "defending the fatherland" and mobilizing, want to make you die for them while they save their capital!

  4. This is an unprovoked attack by Putin on a democratic country who's citizens should have the right to choose their own destiny.

    As Scottish citizent I stand with the people of Ukraine. X


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