The UFO Org MUFON Has Not Shared Videos Or Photos From Public Reports In Over Two Months, UFO Sighting News.


Link one: https://mufoncms.com/last_20_report.html (no longer updated since 1-23-2022)
Link Two: https://mufoncms.com/last_20_report_public.html

Here is something very mysterious in the area of UFO research. The UFO org MUFON has stopped updating the data on publics UFO reports. What I mean is they share the basic info, however they no longer share the publics photos or videos in those reports. I have Tweeted to @MUFON several times over the last two months, however I have not received a single reply. I have also seen dozens of other UFO researchers asking the same question..."Why isn't MUFON showing the photos and videos from the publics UFO reports?" 

I am afraid that MUFON is becoming a for profit organization and that they are holding back all the video and photo evidence in order to make money. They already show this idea when they made the TV Series MUFON Insider with Imdb back in 2019... I feel that MUFON only cares about making money, and as John Lock once said, "money creates power and power corrupts." I am afraid that MUFON may become a less and less dependable source of UFO information for researchers worldwide, and more of a form of entertainment instead. 

Below are a few tweets sent to @MUFON that have gone unanswered for the last two months. 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


  1. Searching Mufon nothing has been updated, they are now not reliable and I’m my opinion an assistant to the hiding of information from the global community. Are they in bed with the secret agencies hiding info from globe? I say yes!!

  2. MUFON has had its own agenda since the beginning, it's great that some are finally opening their eyes to it but it's nothing new.

  3. ¿Sabías que MUFON es una Base de Datos con información de avistamientos que reporta los ciudadanos y muchas veces hay datos sensibles? Yo por mi parte si puedo ver los reportes, no he tenido ese problema. Saludos.

  4. Seems that they have something to hide.

    If they open back the Search page to the public, please send me a Email


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