Voyager 1 satellite reprogramed by aliens to send a repeating message to Earth, UFO Sighting News.

Location of Voyager 1 now:  15 billion miles away, or 24 billion km away from earth.

Now this is really odd, NASA just published a post on the official NASA Voyager page that says and I quote, "Recently, the TMU began transmitting a repeating pattern of ones and zeros as if it were “stuck.” After ruling out other possibilities, the Voyager team determined that the source of the issue is the FDS. This past weekend the team tried to restart the FDS and return it to the state it was in before the issue began, but the spacecraft still isn’t returning useable data." 

Voyager 1 was sent to space on Sept 5, 1977, so thats 46 years old! And many scientists over those decades have said if aliens ever sent us a message to Earth, it's highly likely it will be in the most basic mathematical form...binary. Hmmm...now you are seeing the clues. 

So, after ruling out other possibilities...like Voyager 1 being reprogramed by an alien entity perhaps? I feel NASA is hiding the truth, trying to cover it up after recording the alien message and reprogram and fix Voyager 1 to keep the public in the dark. Yeah, NASA has a job to inform the public...but only if it's not a matter of national security. Any message from aliens will have to go up the chain of command to the commander in chief himself...the US president to get a full release. It's no small deal like you may have thought, and most data about aliens are stopped before even getting close to presidential ears. Because the US president is busy with other more pressing matters. So...yes NASA covers things up when satellites record data that shows evidence of aliens, but only if they notice it themselves, they are often underpaid and over worked so they skim briefly and somethings, just sometimes something big slips past them. Like the Black Knight satellites I discovered and fought for. So...yes you can trust NASA to tell you what they think you should know, but don't think you are so important that they will tell you everything. NASA was created to keep the public in the dark and drip feed basic scientific data to appease the public so they continue to get gov payments to pay for NASA. 

Below is a clip from Star Trek the motion picture, where Enterprise confronts Voyager 1 probe, called Vger, which was reprogramed by aliens and sent back to its creator on earth. Yes, Star Trek thought of it first, and yes, we are seeing such things now with Voyager 1. 
Scott C. Waring

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