UFO Fleet Over Fort Jefferson, Key West, Florida, Google Earth, UFO Sighting News. Video. 👽 👀 👽


Date of discovery: Feb 1, 2024
Location of discovery: Key West, Florida, USA

Now Google Earth has revealed another investing UAP. This UFO is a white triangle craft coming out of some clouds over an old Civil War prison. Some famous prisoners were held here, five conspirators who helped John Booth assassinate US president Abraham Lincoln. And the aliens visiting...they already knew this and wanted to learn some history about us. Which leads me to wonder....did aliens fly back in time, being involved with Abraham Lincolns assassination? Is there something about Lincoln that they did want to happen yet, so they killed him before he could accomplish it? Something they prevented...I guess...if the future has changed, then we are in the middle of it now, and we may never know for sure what aliens changed. 

The white UFO is very similar to the USAF alien tech converted into a TR3B, however this is all white. The TR3B is metallic with a clear glowing ball at its center. This is far more advanced and it's not alone, it's being followed by three other craft in the sky over Fort Jefferson. They may have come from an underwater base in the ocean off of the Florida coast. It would explain the mass amounts of UFOs found on Google Earth, UFO reports and the Bermuda Triangle. The triangle may be the powerful affects of the energy source of the underground alien base. 👽 👀 👽
Scott C. Waring 

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