Alien Space Station Sucking Energy From A Star, Sky Map, UFO Sighting News. 3X the size of Earth! 🛸👀👽


Date of discovery: Feb 6, 2024 
Location of discovery: Between IC 2031 and NGC 1475
Source: www.sky-map.org
Coordinates to copy past into map: 57 08.63,-07 11 26.2

Guys I found this on Sky-map.org and it's huge. It's a cube space station glowing blue. Not only that, but it's syphoning material from the nearby star. Within the material are particles of importance that could power this planet size space station. 

I got on X and sent a message to @NASA and @NASAhubble to see if they could get a better photo of this close up in higher detail, but they are not known for chatting with the public, let alone a UFO researcher like me. But hey, I had to try. My proof that aliens exist is so big it's 3X bigger than earth itself. 
Scott C. Waring 

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