UFO Near Apollo 10...Focused With AI, NASA link, UAP Sighting News.👽👽👽

Below is a close up of an alien inside, chest, two arms head all visible. 

Source photo: http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/DatabaseImages/ISD/highres/AS10/AS10-35-5264.JPG 

Caught in orbit around Earth during an Apollo 10 mission, this UFO looks awfully close to the Apollo module. The photo was taken in July of 1969 and shows a solid craft in high orbit. Notice the bulging center of the craft...much like we hear about in classic UFO reports. AI is the new UFOlogist tool that everyone needs to start using. Did you also notice that the alien occupant of the UAP is visible in the dark dome cockpit of the UFO? It's true, check out the close up above and see. 

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