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Glowing Green Disk Over Cape of Good Hope Sends Twitter Abuzz, Nov 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 2015
Location of sighting: Cape Town, South Africa

This was all over Twitter a few hours ago. A few people posted sightings of this green glowing disk over a small town of South Africa. It was at the Cape of Good Hope, over Cape Town. In the enlargement above I made, you can clearly make out its disk shape and glowing bottom center. 

I once reported such a metallic disk over Cape Town about 3 years ago. I found it on Google Earth map, but after making a video and reporting it on my site, Google did delete it from their map within 2-3 months. (Click here to view it). This UFO today, looks like the same craft. The one that Bob Lazar worked on at Area S4. 

Scott C. Waring

News states: 
Durban – The Twitteratti world was abuzz on Saturday night after a sighting of what is believed to be an Unidentified Flying Object [UFO] in Cape Town. The #UFOSA was trending with various people tweeting pictures of a green light that could be seen from the clouds. @Sindelo tweeted: “First it was those clouds and now green orbs are seen floating around Cape Town. The aliens have come with white supremacy! #UFOSA @PlanetZuma quipped that it was the controversial R4 billion presidential VIP Jet. “Relax people, it was just a test flight of the #GravyPlane. #UFOSA #ZumaJet,” read the tweet.


Google Deletes UFO Over Cape Of Good Hope On Google Earth Map, Jan 2012. UFO Sighting News.

Okay, I admit I knew this would happen and yet when it does happen…it still pisses me all to hell. Last year I reported about the UFO on Google Earth map that was over the Cape of Good Hope light house and I said that you need to check it out before Google deletes it…well its gone. The photo bubbles that allow you to see a 360 view of the area has vanished so this post is in memory of the sighting and to show the world that Google is part of the cover-up of UFO information. Like you didn't know that all ready right?

Back in July of 2011 I made a video to confirm another persons sighting of this UFO and it was there. The below is a video that I made of the UFO last year at Cape of Good Hope.  SCW