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UFO Expert Gaurav Tiwari Dies In Mysterious Conditions In Delhi, India July 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of death: July 2016
News source:

Many UFO researchers over the past few decades were murdered by government people trying to cover up the truth. I thought it had stopped about 15 years ago, but now it seems to be starting again, but in India. This UFO and ghost researcher was killed and it was made to look like a suicide. I don't believe it because if you read up on the deaths of past UFO researchers, there are three main ways they were killed. 1st was made to look like suicide. 2nd made to look like a robbery. 3rd was radioactive poisoning, invisible, but makes you come down with cancer in just a week or less. Scary stuff guys, so to all UFO researches in India, please be careful, and keep an eye out. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
The death of Gaurav Tiwari, the CEO of Delhi-based Indian Paranormal Society, has turned the spotlight on an eccentric clan of ghostbusters that has, in the past decade, turned into an underground phenomenon. “Many of us were inspired by his work, and found our way to the field through him,” says Rahul Kumar, 28, a Bangalore-based paranormal investigator, who is dentist by the day. “Paranormal investigations are not uncommon, it has been around for over 80 years in India and abroad,” says Kumar, whose interest in paranormal forces began in 2008. “However, in the past few years interest in the field has increased. We get calls from students, IT professionals, even doctors and scientists, who are influenced by what they see and believe some things go beyond science,” he adds. But, he says, they have to look out for the majority bogus cases or incidents of psychological disturbances, and it is only one percent of the time where they cannot explain what is going on. “We investigate the property, interview the owners, and learn the history of the place. We rule out illnesses, psychological problems or drug abuse that might be the cause; sometimes, we stay the night and set up devices to pick up on any activity,” explains Rahul. The devices used are scientific and sophisticated. While many question the credibility of the devices, and the validity of parascience, the popularity of ghosts and spirits is undeniable. Delhi By Foot organises a “Night Walk” in the Capital where guests set out to explore places like Sanjay Van around twilight and discuss personal experiences of ghosts and spirits. Kolkata, however, has the more boldly titled “Ghost Walk”, but Anthony Ahatchaturian, who organises it, is surprisingly cynical about the supernatural. “For me, the ghost walks are a foolproof way of showcasing the city’s heritage. The spooky element gains instant attention,” says Ahatchaturian. “There was an incident that happened during one of our walks in Garstin Place that housed the old AIR office. Apparently, when it was functional, during the break between radio broadcasts, a British pianist would play Beethoven and Mozart. However, years after the office shifted to a different place, people who walked by the building at night claimed that they could hear music. During my walking tours, on two separate occasions, my guests insisted that they heard music in that very spot,” he says. Though Ahatchaturian doesn’t believe in ghosts, one prospect really scares him. “If, by any chance, one of my guests gets really spooked out and gets a heart attack, that will be the end of it. I am scared of the legal backlash,” he says.