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NEWEST Alien Face Discovered In Chinese Moon Map, March 28, 2012 news.

Date of discovery: March 28, 2012
Location of discovery: Earth's Moon (Chang'e 2 Map)

It took me 3 minutes of looking at this map to find this today. I found something others say is impossible...what fools they are to believe anything is impossible. That belief limits what they can do. Watch the video to see how to find it yourself at the link below. I do not know the name of the crater, but if you do, please share it with us in comments. 

The alien faces has long wiry hair and a long goat-like ear. The nose is very long, much like many of the other faces that have been found (click the face page tab at top of this blog). The alien is wearing a cap that is similar to a baseball cap but this could be part of a military uniform much as I once had in the US Air Force or it might be a piece of clothing that he had on all the time, much like old CEO Steve Jobs and his black turtle neck shirts and faded jeans.  Please have a look a this video and then click the link below to confirm the face is there. We need others in comments below to say if they found it or not to prove I am not lying. Thank you, Scott.

Source Map:

Chang'e Orbiter Moon Structures Discovered In Crater, March 2012.

Below is 3 faces, can you see them? They believe we are not intelligent enough to notice them.
Notice the structure below?
Date of discovery: March 2012
Location of discovery: Earth's Moon

A comment at our site alerted to the Chinese Chang'e Orbiter Map location and I went to check it out. In the first five minutes of looking at it I found numerous structures and faces in a crater. The map does not give me the names of the craters, however this one is located on the far lower left of the map. Sorry I didn't talk during the video…I thought the speaker wasn't working so I didn't bother. My mistake. SCW

Source Map:


UFO over Lunar Module of Apollo Mission, from NASA archives, slow motion, discovered Feb 6, 2012.

This alien probe moves lighting fast, very hard to catch but in slow motion, it's easy.

Date of sighting: 1968-1970
Location of sighting: Orbiting Earth's Moon

I was messing around last night and found this old NASA footage. In it were a few anomalies that did not look like the old film errors. I paused it several times till I could see the object and to my surprise it looked like a three dimensional alien probe. I put the screenshots and video into slow motion and also put the original footage in it. I know this is old stuff but this UFO has never been reported before now and it was recorded between 1968-1970 but its unclear. This is the first time that humans crossed onto the dark side of the moon. I noticed the metallic-like surface of it and it's odd crystal-like shape makes me believe it was made from biomechanics, or a machine that was grown. SCW


Mysterious UFOs Seen Orbiting The Moon On Dec 9, 2011, VIDEO.

Date of sighting: December 9, 2011
Location of sighting: Earth's Moon

In video, jump to 4:20 to see the UFO orbiting moon. 

(Translated From Spanish by Me SCW)
Awesome video of a UFO crossing the Moon captured for 16 seconds on the left side of the satellite viewing it from the front. It is an important video evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life on the moon. Why is there so much activity on the moon of unidentified objects? The Moon is a satellite mysterious and full of puzzles that are gradually being discovered by UFO enthusiasts and serious organizations. This is a very important video in high quality and content evidence. This material was taken on December 9,  2011 between 20:00 and 20:30 hrs. Cd Time in Mexico.


White UFO orb over Arizona on Sept 18, 2011, photos, UFO Sighting News.

Notice the size compared tot he street light post. That UFO is huge like the one seen over Temple of the rock in Jerusalem this year. Click photo to enlarge.

Date of sighting: September 18, 2011
Location of sighting: Arizona, USA

Eyewitness states: "I live in an apartment. The apartment faces east. I was doing laundry in the complex laundry room. I started at 4:30 in the morning. I went to retrieve my laundry at about 10 minutes to six in the morning. When I was returning to my apartment with the laundry, I saw the light. I set down my laundry basket and took out my cell phone to take a few pictures. The light was completely stationary. There were no other lights of any kind present. It was very large. A single bright light. The sun was not visible yet. I took four photos with my 8 mega pixel camera in my cell phone. It was way too bright to be a star and there would have been other stars in the sky. There were none. It was too light out side for there to be stars. I stayed out side for about ten minutes and it never moved. I went inside for half an hour and came back and it was gone. I regret not staying out there to see what if anything it would do. It never moved. I am 53 years old and I don't spook easily. This thing spooked me. "

Source: MUFON


UFO Sighting in Manila, Philippines of rotating orb, June 27, 2011 video news.

Date of sighting: June 27, 2011
Location of sighting: Manila, Philippines

We was on vacation in Manila (Philippines) and we stayed in a Hotel (Cherry Blossoms Hotel) in Malate,Metro Manila.In the evening of June 27. I looked out of the hotel Window in the 4th floor and saw an Object hovering in the Sky beside of a condominium Building.The object was spinning around while completely still hovering maybe around 100 meter high.It moved after several minutes slowly to the right,then stopped again and moved slowly to the left and flies behind the building.It crossed the whole building and came out on the left side of the building.Then it was flying staight and slow out of our sight.In the pictures and the video it seems not to spin,but when we looked at it while taking pictures its clear to see that it spins around.We are sure,that no Plane,Balloon or Helicopter was at that time in that area. 

We were totally exited during and after the event and knew,that it was not normal.We all think that its really a ufo.I hope that our video and the pics can help you to find out more.You can contact us anytime for further Information.We have still more pictures (26 in all)
Thank you,

Source: MUFON


UFO Sighting of orb over the ocean at England on July 11, 2011, amazing video.



Date of sighting: July 11, 2011
Location of sighting: England

This guys camera is amazing, not only is it night vision, but it changes the color of the night vision at your own whim. I wish knew what camera it is. If anyone knows, please leave a note in comments.

Eyewitness states: "Just moved in new house and  a huge orange sphere caught my eye out the
window. Whenever I tried to film it, it would turn off then eventually I got it and loads more."


Buildings found on moon in Lunar Orbiter photos.

I discovered some structures on the moon that were long and black in appearance. These photos come from NASA Lunar Orbiter Mission so if you have a problem with them, please contact NASA. I did not alter them in any way.


These are NASA photos taken of the moons surface. These came from their Lunar Orbiter mission. I noticed these structures and at first disregarded them as photo lab errors, yet on further analysis I noticed these long black structures actually curve to the ground below them sometimes, indicating that these are on the surface of the moon!

NASA gives us full rights to display their photos. I changed nothing. Note the names of the craters near it. If you look on a regular moon photo, you will see this building blurred so you cannot see it well.

You can see my video on youtube about them at

After seeing the video please leave a comment and if possible please look up the mission photos to confirm the sighting of these structures.


Scott C. Waring/Writer of novels & this blog.

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