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Alien Base Under Tiny French Hamlet, Under Threat From Dec 21, 2012 Fears, World News.

A French government watchdog, which monitors sects, said the picturesque village should be monitored until December 21, 2012, when many believe the world will end, according to an ancient Mayan prophecy. Surrounded in legend for centuries, Bugarach and its rocky outcrop, the Pic de Bugarach, have attracted an influx of New Age visitors in recent months, pushing up property prices but also raising the threat of financial scams and psychological manipulation, the watchdog, known as Miviludes, said in a report published this week.  Bugarach, with a population of just 200, has long been considered magical, partly due to what locals claim is an "upside-down mountain" where the top layers of rock are older than the lower ones. The internet is awash with myths about the place - that the mountain is surrounded by a magnetic force, that it is the site of a concealed alien base, or even that it contains an underground access to another world. And now many have seized on it as the ultimate refuge with Doomsday rapidly approaching.



White UFO Orb Recorded Over Mountains In France, Video March 2012 News.

Date of sighting: March 13, 2012
Location of sighting: Pic de Bugarach, France

It is well known that aliens do have underground bases on Earth and all bases must have an exit/entrance somewhere that has the least amount of humans in the area. This mountain looks like it contains such an entrance. SCW

Eyewitness states: "UFO sighting at Pic de Bugarach in France on March 13, 2012. I really don't believe in Aliens and UFOs, but in my whole life, I have never seen something like this before! On our way to the village of Bugarach, we could see that UFO over the mountain for at least one hour, flying around the peak, appeared and disappeared every few seconds. I don't thing it was a plane because of its strange flying route and its strong light. What do you think it was??? Please watch in Full-HD so you can see the UFO above the mountain! Video by Mark J. Miller, thanks for sharing it!"