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Two Alien Faces On Moon That Look Like Jedi Darth Maul And Shrek! March 2012 News.

Date of discovery: March 10, 2012
Location of discovery: Comrie Crater, Earth's Moon

I found these faces last night. I was looking at the area of the moon near Comrie crater when I found what looks like a structure inside of a crater that is in the shape of an alien face with a few horns visible on its left top part of head. The horns make it look like Darth Maul (Jedi) from Star Wars. The face is a frontal view which is very rare with faces from the moon. Most seem to be side views. Below the face there is one more face, but this one has two antennas and large protruding ears or horns. It seems to look a lot like Shrek with two antennas. Do these races still exist? Most likely yes, but may not be in our solar system any longer. These faces could have been made hundred of thousands or even millions of years ago. Let's hope they're still around. SCW

Click on the upper far left photo to see large size photo.