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Man Can Summon UFOs To Appear Over Pasadena, California Video News.

Location of sighting: Pasadina, California, USA
Date of sighting: None, they come when he meditates for them to come.

This is a person who has been exposed to UFOs for a long time. He has learned to call them when he wishes to see them and when they come, often several come together. This is not a unique ability in only him. We all have this ability to call the UFOs when we wish them to appear. But we need to focus our thoughts and give them 15-25 minutes to appear. Practicing helps by visualizing your thoughts shooting out of you like a radar signal shooting towards the clouds. Then move this signal across the sky until all has been covered. You must have pure intentions. I myself SCW have called them. While at the Taipei 101 building during 2012 new years. 15 minutes later I and my friends and family saw 30-50 reflective objects fly across the sky toward the building and flash at us, then...dissapeared before they hit the building. Also one very bright UFO buzzed over and around the 101 just seconds before the fireworks were shot off of the building. My sighting was the first UFO sighting of 2012. You can call them, but you need to practice. SCW