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If a time traveler took you to the future 100 years, what would you see? Video, UFO Sighting News.

In this emotionally moving scene from Doctor who series...Doctor Who travels to France to try to visit the artist Van Gogh, in hopes that he can inspire and influence him not to take his own life at age 37. The attempt failed, but for a moment in the future, he realized his greatness. 

Van Gogh, selling only one painting in his lifetime, wanted to be married, but no friendship ever worked out for him. A painting he gave to a friend, was used to fix a hole in a chicken coop for years. The world itself...ignored his greatness, never truly appreciating him. Only after his death, was his art seen for it true greatness. So...clearly during his lifetime...the world was wrong about him. 

This begs the question, if a time traveler took you 100 years into the future to show you how your life has influenced and changed the world...what would you see? Would you come back, inspired to try harder, to transform your pain and passion into something great? 

Scott C. Waring - Taiwan