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BABA VANGA And Nostradamus PREDICTIONS FOR 2019 REVEALED! Dec 31, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Grandmother Vanga, popularly known as Baba Vanga is a blind Bulgarian mystic who had allegedly predicted the rise of Islamic State (ISIS), the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack and Brexit. Now, several people have started claiming that Baba Vanga had envisioned a series of incidents that will take place in 2019. 

Baba Vanga believed that the year 2019 will be loaded with a series of natural disasters in all nooks of the globe. The mystic added that the lives of two top world leaders will be in trouble in the upcoming year, and she predicts that one of the members in Vladimir Putin's security team will try to assassinate the Russian president. 

It should be noted that Vladimir Putin himself had admitted that he is the hot target of assassins, and as a result, he had recruited a team of elite snipers for his protection. Baba Vanga also predicts that Donald Trump, the United States president will fall ill in 2019.


Blind prophet Baba Vanga predictions for 2016 and beyond: It’s not good, May 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of article: May 2016
News Source:

Here is something interesting. A famous woman, Baba Vanga who made many predictions about the future and they all came true. The most concerning one...that the 44th president of the US will be black and he will be the last US president. Freaky huh? But is there something to this? Aliens helping humans to build underwater cities in 2130? Wow!

Also, if Obama is the last president, maybe the US decides it is too much power for one person, that it should be held by Congress as a whole. Congress has 535 members that vote. Thats better than a single president, who may break laws or red tape to do what they want. Congress should run America, not a single president. 
Scott C. Waring 

News states:
APOCALYPSE SOON: VANGA’S MAJOR PROPHECIES FROM 2016 ONWARDS 2016: “Muslims” will invade Europe, which will “cease to exist” as we know it. The ensuing campaign of destruction will last years, driving out populations and leaving the entire continent “almost empty”. 

2023: The Earth’s orbit will change (nobody really knows what this means). 

2025: The population of Europe will reach almost zero. 2028: Mankind will fly to Venus, in hope of finding new sources of energy. 

2033: World water levels will rise as the polar ice caps melt (this is already happening). 

2043: Europe’s transformation into an Islamic caliphate is complete. Rome is named the capital. The world’s economy thrives under Muslim rule. 

2066: America will use a new climate change weapon for the first time in a bid to retake Rome and bring back Christianity. 

2076: Communism will return to Europe and the rest of the world. 

2084: Nature is reborn (nobody is really sure what this means). 

2100: Man-made sun illuminates the dark side of the planet (This is already in the pipeline — since 

2008: scientists have been working on creating an artificial sun using nuclear fusion technology). 

2130: With the help of the aliens, civilisations will live underwater. 

2170: Major global drought. 

2187: Two large volcanic eruptions will be successfully stopped. 

2201: Temperatures drop as the sun’s thermonuclear processes slow down. 

2262: Planets will slowly change orbits. Mars will be threatened by a comet. 

2354: An accident on the artificial sun will result in more drought. 

2480: Two artificial suns will collide and leave the Earth in the dark. 

3005: A war on Mars will change the trajectory of the planet. 

3010: A comet will hit the moon. The Earth will be surrounded by a ring of rock and ash. 

3797: By this time, everything on Earth will die. However, human civilization will be advanced enough to move to a new star system.