BABA VANGA And Nostradamus PREDICTIONS FOR 2019 REVEALED! Dec 31, 2018, UFO Sighting News.

Grandmother Vanga, popularly known as Baba Vanga is a blind Bulgarian mystic who had allegedly predicted the rise of Islamic State (ISIS), the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack and Brexit. Now, several people have started claiming that Baba Vanga had envisioned a series of incidents that will take place in 2019. 

Baba Vanga believed that the year 2019 will be loaded with a series of natural disasters in all nooks of the globe. The mystic added that the lives of two top world leaders will be in trouble in the upcoming year, and she predicts that one of the members in Vladimir Putin's security team will try to assassinate the Russian president. 

It should be noted that Vladimir Putin himself had admitted that he is the hot target of assassins, and as a result, he had recruited a team of elite snipers for his protection. Baba Vanga also predicts that Donald Trump, the United States president will fall ill in 2019.