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Did A Live Cam Catch The Loch Ness Monster Today? Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: May 14, 2020 14:37
Location of sighting: Lockness, UK

I have looked at the Lock ness webcam off and on for several years. This is the first time I have seen something like this. A long black object swims out into the deep. The cam caught only 23 seconds of it, but it appears to be the legendary Lock Ness monster. Now, this area looks short, but its actually about 30-40 meters long. Very unusual and thought I would post it here for you to decide for yourself. Perhaps the Lock Ness monster is still alive and well. It may have awoken from a long hibernation deep below the loch. 

Many animals have long lives...for instance a tortoise can live to be 152, a eel can live to be 150 years, Greenland shark lives to be 275 years old, and some sea turtles can live to be 500-800 years old. So this creature of the deep may live for a very long time to come. 
Scott C. Waring 


U-boat Found In Loch Ness, Captain Claimed Giant Monster Attacked Them, Oct 2016, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: Oct 2016
Location of discovery: Coast of Scotland
News source:

The Lock, not far from the coast of Scotland where the u-boat was found, is very shrouded in mystery. The Loch Ness has always intrigued me since reading a book about it as a child. I even watch the live cam every now and then. I have tied in several historical alien and UFO sightings in that area from over 60 years ago, but is this monster technologically built by aliens, or an actually ETI (Exterestrial Intelligence)? The Loch is deep so it could be hiding an alien base at its bottom. What they need in a robotic drone sub with infrared imaging to cut though all that murky water. Hopefully one day, will will catch this creature. 
Scott C. Waring

News states: 
The wreck of a German U-boat that sank almost 100 years ago has been discovered by engineers laying subsea power cables.
Remarkable sonar images show the missing World War One submarine is largely intact and lying off the Galloway coast.
Experts believe the vessel could be the UB-85, a sub that sank in 1918, according to official records.

However, naval folklore suggests it may have been attacked by a "sea monster".

Mysterious sinking
The entire crew of the U-boat is reported to have abandoned ship due to the "monster attack".

Once aboard the British ship HM Drifter Coreopsis, their commander, Captain Krech described their encounter.

He is said to have spoken of a beast with "large eyes, set in a horny sort of skull…with teeth that could be seen glistening in the moonlight".

He apparently claimed that the sub was so damaged in its battle with the "monster", it could no longer submerge.

However, Dr Innes McCartney, a historian and nautical archaeologist who helped identify the wreckage, does not believe the tale. (More at source.)


UFO spotted over Loch Ness – tourist captures image of UFO above Scottish lake, June 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: June ?, 2015
Location of sighting: Lock Ness lake, Scottish Highlands.
News Source:
Photo Credit: Caters News.

News states:
Tourists holidaying next to Loch Ness have captured an extraordinary photo which they claim shows a mysterious creature flying over the lake - and it's not Nessie.

Alan Betts, 48, was on holiday with his wife, Anna, and her parents when his mother-in-law Tatiana captured this extraordinary image of two mysterious disc-shaped objects flying over the famous loch in the Scottish Highlands.

The family from York were staying at a holiday cottage near Urquhart Castle when the unusual shot was taken.

But they did not realise quite how unusual the picture was until Mr Betts and his wife returned home and started looking through their holiday pictures.

The couple were bewildered when they spotted the strange, glowing, white shapes hovering over the loch.

Mr Betts, the director of a refrigeration company based in Bradford, said he was usually 'very sceptical' about UFOs - but he cannot find a rational explanation for the strange picture.

He said: 'Our Akita dog, Yuka, was strangely unsettled that night.

'He never barks but I remember we were laughing at the time saying that he'd seen Nessie because he was looking outside from the cottage window and barking at the sky. 
'We couldn't see anything at that time though.

'We had been very lucky with the weather and were stunned with the view we had, it was almost constant sunshine but then when we got back to the cottage after a day of sightseeing, the weather suddenly changed.

'We'd not seen it change that quickly before, which is why my mother-in-law went outside to take a general landscape picture.

'After the holiday we were looking through the pictures on our PC, as they were taken on a digital camera.

'On the PC screen the resolution was better and it was only then we saw the objects and when we zoomed in we were shocked.

'I can't offer any logical explanation, I am probably one of the most sceptical people you could find about things like this but I just can't explain what it is.

'I know what it looks like though.

'We showed the pictures to Anna's parents who were as shocked as us and her dad is probably more sceptical than me.'


Alien Creature? Strange Creature Startles Swimmers In Villaricos (Spain), August 2013.

Date of discovery: August 15, 2013
Location of discovery: Villaricos, Spain

Yesterday afternoon (08/15/13) a strange “carcass” measuring four meters long washed up on the Luis Siret Beach in the community of Villaricos. It could be a large fish, but in the advanced stages of decomposition. Once ashore, it was a source of amazement and remarks due to the novelty of the find. The first impression, and the photos circulating on the web, caused many to wonder if that creature belong to “the same species as the Loch Ness Monster”. There was talk of a “mutant fish” and a series of humorous remarks.
The fact is that Proteccion Civil de Cuevas notified its colleagues at Promar in Pulpí: “We're monitoring the beaches during the summer. A lady found one part and we helped her retrieve the rest. We have no idea what it was. It really stank, as it was in the advanced stages of decomposition. Promar experts are trying to ascertain its nature,” explained Maria Sanches, Coordinator of Civil protection in Cuevas.
Source: Levante – Diario (Spain)
Date: Aug. 15, 2013
(Translation (c) 2013, S. Corrales, IHU – Special thanks to Antonio Pérez and Levante,