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Loch Ness Monster Discovered In Apple Maps! April 2014, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: April 2014
Location of discovery: Loch Ness, Dores, Scotland
Method used: Apple Maps

Here is what it looks like to use Apple maps and look at the creature in the Loch Ness, Scotland. I am using a iMac and Apple maps comes free on all Apple devices. 

This creature does have left and right fins as well as a massive tail. Being 2X bigger than the house, the only way to see this creature is from above during full daylight. 

Yes, I believe the creature exists, but I believe it to be an alien creature brought here long ago. This discovery puts us one step closer to the truth! SCW


Possible Alien Creature In Caught On Video In Loch Lough Foyle, Ireland April 2013.

Date of sighting: April 2013
Location of sighting: Loch Lough Foyle, Ireland

Eyewitness states: 
Was shooting in Lough Foyle when this thing went past us. It was massive. Really don't know what it was. There have been whales in the Lough before so maybe that's what it was but Matthew was closer than we were and says it was no whale. Looks like we have our own Loch Ness Monster?! Any experts out there ?

We're still filming so if it shows up again we'll do our best to get a better shot of it. Our film's called 'Fishing with David Lynch', which was why I was wearing the suit (a David Lynch costume.) We took the boat out from Moville. Saw this thing near the end of the day so not sure exactly where we were by then. It's really difficult to determine what species of creature it was. I really don't think this can be a whale. I've seen whales, but I've never seen one swim like this before. Also, the pattern on it doesn't really look like its a whale. I couldn't tell you how long it was, but by the actual effect it was having on the water I'd say its pretty big, there was definitely more to see below the surface anyway.