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Aliens Created Bitcoin In Order To Help Humanity Evolve Faster! Oct 2021, UFO Sighting News.


Wow, and Bitcoin just hit its ATH...all time high. Even companies and governments are considering it more seriously. No government can regulate it, control it. It's bigger than that, because aliens created it. 

This may sound crazy, but I have a thought for you guys. I was watching Logan Pauls podcast with Andrei Jikh about Bitcoin and how magnificent it is and it really made me think. Everything about Bitcoin is so utterly perfect. There are no real flaws in its idea and there’s no real way to exploit it, something which is very rare in most human created concepts and ideas. They also talk about how this is the next step in human civilization which I agree with. That could be linked to the theory that aliens are waiting for us to develop both technologically and morally before contacting us. Bitcoin was actually planted by aliens to help accelerate our learning curve! Yes you can argue Vitalik Buterin created Ethereum but he used the idea of Bitcoin and what it is to then create his own ideology. It just completely baffles me that a human could create such a genius concept that cannot be faulted, cannot be exploited even by the power of governments etc and yet he or she has remained anonymous this whole time. Food for thought. Bitcoin...100% proof alien technology is right here on earth and anyone can get some. 
Scott C. Waring - Taiwan 


Evidence That Alien Overlord Has Control Of The USA Economy and Government, UFO Sighting News.

Aliens have placed secret messages in our own currency. Some say you have to draw the alien, but thats not true. If you just add contrast (shadow) to the original, it will turn into the alien head. Alien art is suppose to be outside the realms of our comprehension, made not on one level like human art, but many levels of understanding, making most too complex for our primitive minds. 

Are there alien overlords that control Americans minds and bodies to do their bidding? Well, there are aliens on Earth and some do have powerful telepathy that can travel long distances, so I would say yes, it is possible and this classic one dollar US bill is evidence that alien have infiltrated the US government and may have permenant control. 

How could a mere human fight such powerful intelligence? No human can. We are at their mercy. We are a primitive species still controlled by our primitive decision making and instincts. 

There are secret signs all around us, that aliens have been controlling our destiny, controlling the direction humanity is taking for their own benefits. With the visible letters MERICA at the top, may mean Me Rica, the name of a specific alien overlord. 
Scott C. Waring


Food For Thought. Did the alien group CTR establish the Mormon church?

Okay, to the far left you see a photo with a post about the FRIENDSHIP message that took place around the world but most known in Rocca Pia, Italy. This single thought has been on my mind all night so I have to let it out. In the details there are two groups of aliens. Those that care about helping the human race called the W56 (Akrij) and those that only care about making a profit called the CTR. When I heard about the CTR it sounded a lot like the ring and quote that Mormons use daily. Often my friends would wear a ring that has the letters CTR on it. They said it stands for "Choose The Right," but is it possible that the Mormon church itself was established by the alien group CTR? 

Lets look at it this way. Religion is a very lucrative business. The Mormon church requires every working person in the church to give 10% of their total income every month to the church or they risk being excommunicated. Thats some serious profit. 

A famous Sci-fi writer that I admire named L. Ron Hubbard once stated, "you don't get rich from science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion." Oh...and he did. He started the church of Scientology. Real profit, wouldn't you say. Just a thought is all. SCW