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Daily Mail Wrote About A UFO At Area 51, Lets Talk About The Day It Crashed In Needles, California 2008, UFO Sighting News.


UK Daily Mail article:

The UK news site Daily Mail had an interesting story today, one about an egg shaped UFO at Area 51 in the 1980-90s. I will put the link above this so you can see it. It's not just rumor. Its true. Oh, and when it's powered up, it glows blue. 

I heard of it too and wrote about it several times. The egg shaped UFO crashed back in 2008 when in Needles, California where a blue object was seen falling over the desert and eyewitnesses reported that within 30 minutes they saw helicopters coming in with a cargo helicopter and carry it area 51. I say Area 51, because at that same moment...two top secret Janet Planes landed at the Needles airport...which is unheard of since Needles is a tiny city. The 2008 UFO crash may have been the original crash or it may have flown off and crashed when it was being tested at Area 51. I will place three videos below to watch and learn from. UFO investigator George Knapp did a great job investigating it firsthand. 
Scott C. Waring 


Blue UFO In Two Shuttle Atlantis Photos...A UFO Or Top Secret Craft Used By The USAF In Area 51.

Date of sighting: Between Oct 7, 2012 and Oct 18, 2002
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit
Total STS112 mission time: 10 days, 19 hours, 58 minutes
Goal: Atlantis was to deliver a Starboard truss to the ISS

These two NASA photos were taken during the STS-112 mission. In these two photos from the NASA archives is a blue glowing UFO not far away. It looks egg shaped, but I do believe that it's wide disk-shaped.

This might be a UFO, but I do believe there is a high probability that this is in the hands of the USAF. Let me explain in more detail.

In the early morning hours of May 14th 2008, multiple eyewitnesses in Needles, California saw a large blue glowing object fall from the sky. This object had a blue turquoise hue around it. At 3 AM, 15 minutes after the crash, many residents said many black unmarked vehicles with government plates entered the city heading to the area. Five military helicopters were seen over the UFO crash site including one Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane helicopter. This Skycrane was seen lifting up the blue glowing object and carrying it away (said eyewitness Bob who watched from his house boat.)

Bob said he was lounging out on the upper deck of his houseboat when he spotted the UFO coming down from the sky. He watched it as it passed over him. It appeared that the UFO was consumed in flames. He saw the blue object crash into the ground at a 45 degree angle somewhere 100 yards west of the Colorado River on the California side. He was close enough to see it hit and then bounce one time. He heard a loud noise like a thump, but no explosion. He picked up his satellite phone to call 911 and it stopped working...this had never happened to his phone before. Soon military helicopters were swarming over the area and buzzed over his houseboat hitting him with their lights.

Bob watched as the Skycrane picked up the object, stating "It was about the size of a simi trailer. An oblong shaped thing."

I do believe these are photos of that blue UFO Bob saw crash in May 2008. This looks like its the USAF Top Secret craft, possibly called Project Aurora. Scott C. Waring