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Red UFO Skims Rooftops In Lima, Peru On April 13, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: April 13, 2015
Location of sighting: San Isidro, Lima, Peru
Source: The Peruvian Association of Ufology (APU)

News states:
UFO was videotaped in the district of San Isidro, Lima, Peru.
According to the website "Con Nuestro Peru", "... the object was filmed by Diego Bravo Trettenero (26), bank employee, who had left the gym around 21:30 on Monday 13 April. The gym is located near the stadium of San Isidro, near the ocean. "

Add "Bravo narrated that with him were about seven or eight people who watched the strange craft. Moved by surprise, took his cell phone and managed to capture some of what I saw. "

"It stated that he thought the object made no noise and was visible for about two minutes and a half, fast-moving vertically, diagonally and making moves that do planes or drones. According believes the object was about 65 feet long, "concludes this website.

The Peruvian Association of Ufology (APU), interview witnesses and pursue investigations.----------------------------------------­----
Un ovni fue grabado en video en el barrio de San Isidro, en Lima, Perú.

Según informa la página web “Con Nuestro Perú”, “… el objeto fue captado por Diego Bravo Trettenero (26), empleado bancario, quien había salido del gimnasio alrededor de las 21:30 h de este lunes 13 de abril. El gimnasio se ubica en las inmediaciones del estadio de San Isidro, cerca del océano.”

Añade dicha página “Bravo narró que junto con él había unas siete u ocho personas que observaron la extraña nave. Movido por la sorpresa, tomó su celular y logró captar parte de lo que vio.”

“Precisó que le pareció que el objeto no hacía ruido y estuvo visible por unos dos minutos y medio, moviéndose con rapidez en sentido vertical, diagonal y haciendo movimientos que no hacen los aviones o drones. Según cree, el objeto tenía unos 20 metros de largo”, termina diciendo dicha página web.

La Asociación Peruana de Ufologia (APU), entrevistará a los testigos y proseguirá con las investigaciones.


UFO Shoots Past Window Behind News Show On Live TV In Argentina, Feb 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: February 23, 2015
Location of sighting: Argentina
Show: TN News

This UFO was seen crossing the News Chanel in Argentina last week. The digital eye of the camera is far superior to the human eye, and best of all we get replay and slow motion. This is not the first UFO caught on a news show. I once noticed a similar UFO on a news show (video at bottom). The one I caught show up on Russia Today News in London. To me this new video does look real and I know that such a situation is possible, because I have lived it back in June of 2013 when I recorded a similar instance. This is real and a lucky catch. SCW

Below is the UFO I recorded from 2013, which soon went viral.