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UFO Investigates NASA Orbiter While USAF Jet Investigates UFO In NASA Archives!

Date of discovery: April 2013
Location of sighting: Earths Orbit

Credit to NASA For UFO. Please help us search NASA, ESA, JAXA photo to find proof of aliens. UFOs in Gov photos cannot be debunked! They are indisputable as a source!

Notice the brown UFO at the bottom of the NASA photo. Look carefully and you will notice that it has a bird-like shape. The right wing is in closer view so it is larger...going off screen. The left wing is shorter and behind its body, meaning its pointed down so we can't see much of it. The tail is wide like a birds and its body is round like an insect or bird. Also there is a jet in the background. I altered the contrast to bring out the detail and you can see its nose, body and tail of the aircraft. Clearly the USAF was investigating this UFO as the UFO was investigating the NASA craft in low orbit. SCW

Eyewitness states:
I found this NASA photo rather odd. It appears to have some sort of creature at the bottom of the frame. Is it Godzilla or the Loch Ness? I cant seem to figure it out. What do you think this creature could be? Maybe it is a dinosaur? 


NASA Deletes Their Links To The UFO Photos We Posted Last May 2011.

News Alert: News Alert: News Alert: News Alert: 

I have just been made aware by one of our readers that the UFO Photo that were almost in HD in quality have been deleted. I have tried the links in 4 different web browser but to no luck. The links are gone which means only the photos and videos we posted are the only evidence they ever existed. Please download and copy the video and photos into a personal file of yours and share with others. 

As I have warned before, NASA does have something to hide. I will expose you NASA for the fraud and the lies that you stand for! SCW

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