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NASA Saving Curiosity Rover MASTCAM Images At Only 70% Quality?? May 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: May 2015
FotoForensics Website:

This is interesting guys, this website FotoForensics say that all the NASA photos I show it are 75% that of the original or less! I thought, ok, sure...its a glitch. I uploaded a photo of myself and it said the photo was at 97% quality. So there seems to be a 3% error or transfer reduction here. That still doesn't explain why the public is getting 75% quality photos or less. The US government thinks the public are sheep and will have their thoughts and actions easily controlled by what the government tells them to be true. We have been constantly betrayed and deceived by NASA all our lives. Its not going to end anytime soon. SCW

Eyewitness WhatsUpInTheSky37 states: 
If anyone can answer why we only get to see 70 percent of quality of the original images I would love to hear it! I have always loved the MAHLI images when enhancing them and now I understand why. The 25 extra percent between 7 and 95 percent makes a major difference when you only have around 1000 X 1000 original pixels to work with! I would like to see all images that are labeled RAW IMAGES be an actual RAW IMAGE that has not had any of the quality cut in any shape or form. Maybe I am wrong here or making a big deal out of nothing but just a little FYI and something to take a look at!