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Space Object WT1190F...Is it Alien Or Military Nuclear Missile Craft Gone Awry, Oct 2015, UFO Sighting News.

Date of impact: November 13, 2015
Location of impact: Indian Ocean

This is an interesting look at the meteor thats about to hit Earth. BPEarthWatch of Youtube is talking about how WT1190F has an orbit that is sometimes with in satellite rage of Earth and as far out as 2X that of the moon. That kind of orbit should be impossible for something this light. Yes I said light since NASA dis say its long, metallic and hollow. Space junk can not orbit the earth that far out and come back on its own. Its impossible. All astronomers know this. So...what power source is it using and is it man made or alien made? 

If its man made, it could be a nuclear missile gone awry from some country. A missile that was meant to be launched from Earths orbit to attack other countries. No one would expect that kind of attack. I hope I'm wrong about that. Lets hope impact on Friday the 13th goes well for the area its over. I would hate to see a nuclear explosion occur. 
Scott C. Waring