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Triangle glowing UFO recorded over St Helens, England Feb 1, 2012 News.


Date of sighting: Feb 1, 2012
Location of sighting: St. Helens, England

Eyewitness states: "Was delivering at a factory in St Helens at around 17:30 when i noticed this big white ball of light to my right. Watched it for a few seconds thinking it may be a plane going into Liverpool Airport but there were no other FAA lights and it just didn't seem to look right the way it was moving, seemed to make little jerks as it was flying along. I grabbed my camera & started filming as it came toward me past a treeline about 300 yrds definately wasn't a lantern, i've seen enough of those to know what one is, it couldn't have been the ISS as there was a blanket thin high altitude layer of cloud covering the sky with some lower thicker clouds below them & it definatey wasn't a plane or helicopter, absolutely silent. It went past slowly before i lost it as it went to the east when it just blinked out. I could just tell by its movement that it wasn't normal, i've caught similar stuff to this before nr where i live, just reminded me of the weird little shimmys they did as they cruised past. Was a buzz seeing one again though, not seen anything for ages, have to start keeping an eye out again."