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Real Interview Video of an Alien at Area 51, His Name is Victor, UFO Sighting News.

This footage is older but still has not been debunked so I will show it in case a few readers have not seen it before. 

The identity of "Victor" the man behind the footage which was allegedly smuggled out of Area51 and displays an alien being interviewed may have finally been revealed. The footage of an alien which was said to have come from Area51 first came to light on the Art Bell UFO radio show on March 13th 1997 when ufologist Sean David Morton was interviewed. Mr. Morton claimed that the footage had been taken in 1996.

As the two minute piece of film reaches its startling conclusion the entity seems to become alarmed and starts bobbing up and down all over the place. Some sort of light is seen near the being which begins to make erratic motions Morton described this light as being a hart monitor. As the being begins to make jerking motions medical personnel wearing white masks, white gloves and lab coats come to the beings aide and begin shinning a torch in his eyes presumably to see what the problem was.