Mass UFO sighting in Ukraine, May 15, 2010, see unusual photos.

A mass UFO sighting occurred on the Saturday night of May 15 at around 22:40 in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk. A glowing disc shaped UFO was seen by hundreds of residents. A photo of the UFO has surfaced (below) and investigating authorities are expecting a film footage of the even to come to light.

"I witnessed the UFO with my daughter, a very bright, fiery glow, without blinking and without plumes of fire. It was disc shaped. The Size was comparable to a relatively low-flying aircraft. It was slow in speed at first but soon sped up and shot of into space" one witness commented.
His words confirmed those of the witness who managed to get a photo. "I was riding a bike and saw this - shot at about 10 pm in the "Dneprtyazhmasha" region".
Local police have confirmed they received a number of reports regarding the UFO.
UFO sightings are extremely common in the Ukraine.

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