Anna Maria Island, Florida, US, UFO sighting.

Event Date: 2009-05-05
Event Location: Anna Maria Island, Florida, US

Event Description: "It was a overcast day at the beach at Anna Maria Island, Fl, when beatiful sun rays came through the cloud formations. I took pictures with my Canon Powershot SD600. As usual I load all my pictures on my computer which plays as my screen saver. I kept looking at these two pictures that were in sequence and was bothered by the shapes in the clouds.

Note: UFOs in different positions.

I finally brought them into Adobe Photoshop and enhanced them, and find it strange what appears. I am not sure if they are UFOs but they certainly are not birds.

What was unusual all other pictures outside of these frames were not blurry, only these pictures came out blurry.

The third picture looks like something is either coming out of or going into the water - USO? not sure.

Let me know what you think.

Thank You,

Photos at:



Credit to the anonymous submitter, MUFON, and UFOStalker

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