British witnesses report UFO sighting & crash over school.

British witnesses report UFO sighting & crash over school.

The following apparent UFO and apparent alien sightings took place before midnight at Clevedon, Somerset, England on 23 January 2009.

A UFO has crashed at a local primary school — giving the clearest sign yet that aliens do exist. The object, described by witnesses as an alien spacecraft, crashed on the playing fields at Yeo Moor Junior School shortly before midnight on Wednesday. It then took off again, but as well as leaving a trail of debris behind, footprints were also found.

Police are not confirming what it is but a crime scene investigator exclusively told the newspapers “he had never seen anything like it before” and that in his opinion it appeared to be alien. Mrs. Symes of Baytree Road said she was walking her dog about 2300 on Wednesday when she heard “an amazing noise”.

She said “Initially I thought it was an aircraft having trouble, and then I spotted this strange-looking rocket type machine falling to the ground.” It crashed at the school and there was a huge explosion.

Her dog was going berserk and she suddenly felt very frightened so she ran home and immediately called the police. “When I was on the phone I heard engines start again and saw the rocket take off and disappear within seconds”. The police cordoned off the school field.

Source: http://lecanadian.com/2010/05/22/british-witnesses-report-ufo-over-school/

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