UFOs spotted in Alexandria, UK May 28, 2010.

UFOs spotted in Alexandria
May 28 2010 by Marc Mclean, Lennox Herald (main ed)
UFOs have been hovering in the skies above Alexandria, it has been claimed.
Artists illustration below:

Several similar sightings of a bright object have been made at night over the past few weeks.
Stunned sky watchers have been reporting unexplained visions on website uk-ufo, where thousands of people share their experiences.

Vale woman Margaret Russell told of her sighting at 10pm on Sunday, May 2.

She said: “My husband and I were out with the dog and saw an orange/red light quite low in the sky.

“It was very bright and slow moving at this point. We watched it thinking it was perhaps a plane or helicopter, but there was no noise of any kind from it.

“As we watched the light seemed to fade at first, but it rose in the sky at a great speed until we couldn’t see it anymore.
“We are sure this was not a Chinese lantern, it was far too deliberate in moving. Unfortunately we had nothing to take photos.”

Cardross man Archie Westwood saw the same coloured lights at the same time just two days later.
He said: “This is amazing! My wife and I saw two silent orange/red lights in the sky last night at about 10.15pm – and they were exactly as described by Margaret Russell.

“I too thought they were Chinese lanterns, but they did not stay together and they moved in different directions, going behind a cloud and then re-appearing.
“The incredible thing is that we live in Cardross, which is only four miles from where Margaret Russell saw them the night before last at almost exactly the same time.

“These lights, which were only a few thousand feet up in the air, were unlike anything either of us has seen in the sky in our lives.
“Unlike Margaret, I had time to grab my camera – however, I did not realise that the camera was on the video setting, so I was not able to zoom in on them.
“All I have is a short video. They are just two pin pricks of light, like stars.

“I strongly believe that these were not planes, satellites or contrails reflecting the sun. Their rapid movement in varying directions and ultimate disappearance convinced me that it could not have been any of these things.”

Source: http://www.lennoxherald.co.uk/dunbartonshire-news/dunbartonshire-news/dumbarton-news/2010/05/28/ufos-spotted-in-alexandria-114557-26520048/

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