Amazing UFO sighting in Japan, June 2010.

Crystal clear UFO filmed in Japan

The remarkable UFO footage seen below was filmed in the last month as it hovered above the city of Yokohama in Japan. A number of witnesses other than the one that managed to film the craft are believed to have seen the saucer shaped UFO as well.

The images of this possible extraterrestrial event have been posted on the Internet and now UFO experts are assessing the clip in terms of its genuineness. The clip is of immense interest due to the clarity of the suspected alien craft.

Yokohama is japans second largest city and has a population of three million residents. UFO sightings, however, are rare in this part of Japan. This event is believed to be the first of its kind in the last year.

Most UFO sightings in Japan occur in and around Tokyo. The mysterious Meiji religious shrine in Japan's largest city is believed to hold specific interest for extraterrestrials.

To see video go to YouTube, search, Japan, UFO. It is the first one on list.

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