UFO sighting on China weather satellite maps 8-2-2010.

I am reporting this now as it is happening still, so check your MSAT maps!

Location of UFO Sighting: Near Shanghai, China, North of Taiwan

Date of UFO Sighting: 8-3-2010 (Taiwan Time) 8-2-2010 (USA time)

Below photo: note the long thin UFO.

Below photo: note the green line at middle top center.

I was looking at the radar weather report when I noticed an unusually long and thing object. I say it’s a UFO because it is not the color of any of the clouds on the map and it stands out on several other weather satellite maps. I could see the clouds were white on one of the maps, but the object doesn’t even show up on it, indicating that it was not a cloud, but something else. These maps get up to the minute data so they are accurate. I have never seen a object like this on the weather maps before, but I imagine if there are things flying around, they will get caught on the maps sooner or later.

Dopler radar photo below.

Also note that the object in of incredible size, yet it is over the ocean, away from the view of most people. I am including the close ups of the craft and several satellite SAT maps. Also on one map the color of the UFO is purple in the true color map.

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