UFO Sighting in Nice, France on Nov 3, 2010 caught on live web cam using ipad!

UFO Sighting Date: Nov 3, 2010

UFO Sighting Location: Nice, France

I was watching a live cam in Nice, France when I noticed a fat disk like object on the top, middle of the screen. I checked the past three screen shots below the live cam and that are is all sky. As a matter of fact, the upper part of this cam has 60% of the cam taken by just sky.

I watched a bit and saw another smaller UFO below the large one. Then I saw two more light up near this small one, but then they only did this about 1 time per minute. It was 1:30 AM here in Taiwan where I am so I was tired…filmed 2 minutes then went to bed.

When I woke up, I checked again. The cams night vision was still on (black and white) and the tiny UFO was still there, however the large fat UFO was gone. The fact that the small one was still there is proof it was not a star, but a orb craft hovering over the city of Nice. Perhaps I should have left the cam running.

Nightcams are known for seeing things that the human eye cannot. Much like this one in Nice, France. The program I used to watch it is an ipad app called “Spy Cams.” This app allows its user to view dozens of live cams at once, and has a total of over 100 cams from around the world. Good UFO seeking tool.

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