Justin Bieber Fans Have UFO Sighting when sending message to Justin, photos.

Location of sighting: Australia
Date of sighting: April 2010

I have seen a lot of UFO reports going into MUFON.com that have contained similar glowing disk to this one in the photo. Often times skeptics will blow it off saying it is the sun's rays causing the UFO phenomenon, but I know this to be wrong. I feel this craft was just a unmanned probe and flew past the camera at just the right moment. Perhaps it was curious at what could make so many young girls so excited. Sadly for the girls, the aliens showed up, but Justin Bieber had to cancel the concert due to fan excitement.

In actuality about 65% of UFO sightings happen at sunset or sunrise. Note the title of this photo is, "Justin Bieber Performs At "Sunrise" in Sydney, Australia." It falls into this area.

During sunrise and sunset, the suns rays come from a different angle, causing the light to bend differently off of cloaked UFOs. This allows viewers to see them sometimes for anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on luck and location of craft. Cloaked UFOs are designed for appearing invisible when cloaked, allowing people below on the ground to seemingly see through them, although the shield is actually bending the light from above the craft to exit below the craft causing this illusion.

Look at this video at experimental cloaking that scientists are working on in Japan.

Look at this video where they state invisibility is possible in the near future, proving that if aliens came here, their advanced technology would most defiantly have a cloaking device.

Source: http://www.thefablife.com/nggallery/post/justin-bieber-show-cancelled-after-fan-hysteria-in-australia/page/34941

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