UFO Sighting over Monroeville, PA on Nov 1, 2010, see amazing video & photos.

Date of sighting: November 1, 2010
Location of sighting: Monroeville, Pennsylvania, USA

Monroeville, PA by the Mall. Sorry for the lame video, but the bright city lights & traffic made catching this unexpected sky object good quite difficult. I normally wouldn't bother posting such bad quality, but since I came across another UFO sighting report that might be the same, well, why not? It just might be a similar object to that reported in California on same date.

Hey, most people don't have a recording device sitting next to them ready-to-go when they see a UFO.... Hence the lack of good footage.
But me? ...I'm silly like that.

Note From Blog writer (SCW): I believe this woman switched her camera to night vision because it allows you to see some things the human eye cannot detect. If you have a video camera, check to see if it has a night vision mode. If it does, try it out in the day. This makes your chances rise by 500% of seeing a UFO in the clouds. Great Capture.

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