UFO Sighting over Varacruz, Mexico on Oct 31, 2010, see photos.

Date of sighting: October 31, 2010
Location of sighting: Varacruz, Mexico

Long Description of Sighting Report:

On Sunday, as at one o'clock in the afternoon I observed a dot in the sky. I was driving so I just kept watching it, and then I noticed another object not far away. This other craft was a snake-shaped object that appeared. The small craft almost appeared to be pulled by the snake like craft. I tried another point to zoom in on and out in the center of the photo lens I saw a UFO that was not moving, but it looked snake-shaped at times, changing to a cross or plane.

I stopped to take photos with a sony Alpha automatic mode 350, but I could not take pictures and try many times. I then tried to use it manually and manual focus the objects in the sky.

I stopped to take more pictures but the UFOs immediately disappeared before my eyes.

Translated from Spanish by Scott C. Waring, UFO blogger.

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