Iceland Volcano UFO Sighting video of Dec 1, 2010.

Date of sighting: December 1, 2010
Location of sighting: Hekla Volcano, Iceland

This person was watching the live cams and checked the Iceland volcano Hekla. They noticed that the opening of the volcano was surrounded by not one but several large glowing UFOs. It may be possible that one might be the moon, but not all and surly not stars. The Larger glowing object seems to be in control of the smaller ones. Even at one point the larger glowing object has a mountain like growth on one side as if it is about to create or expel another orb craft.

I checked the live cam, but it is currently down for a few hours it says. It is found at http://reykjavik.mydestinationinfo.com/en/hekla-volcano-webcam

Note: This is not the first sighting of UFOs over the Iceland Volcano, there have many others. For instance on April 18, 2010 a fleet of discs were recorded on CNN close up near the mouth and plume of smoke coming out of the volcano. The were flying in a V formation and were car size, yet a lot of people thought they were geese.

Another UFO sighting happened on April 2, 2010 of a tube like craft near the mouth of the crater, it was huge and recorded on video close up.

These are only a few of the dozens of examples of UFO sightings at Hekla Volcano in Iceland. For more info watch the live web cam or better still, check youtube. You will be amazed either way.

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